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Share your story.  Read run reports. Find your next mountain.

Share your stories.  Read run reports. Find your next Race.

About The URHQ App

UltraRunnerHQ (URHQ) is a lifestyle platform dedicated to the ultra runner, to the stories, the journeys, and the community that brings us to the start line and carries us through to the finish. Our initial launch will focus on providing one destination to post your story and  read race reports.

~ here's how it works ~

Login with your Strava account (Other trackers on the way!) and we will sync your runs and races over 42 kilometers/26 miles. Create a write up about your experience directly in the app or link to an outside post. Next take a stroll thru the feed and see where our fellow run enthusiasts have been lacing up their kicks.  What races they have recently finished, FKT attempts, or find a route for those block weekend long runs.  To insure you have the best experience while we work on adding features, we suggest you upload any pictures to Strava before syncing your profile.


What's Your Run-Story?

Our mission is to create a single destination to post your journey and connect  with friends you make during the peaks, the valleys, the river crossings, and the hallucinations in between.

We have loads of additional features coming down the pipeline and would love to hear what features would get you pumped.  

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