Ultimate Tsaigu Trail: Bradley Hyman

Ultimate Tsaigu Trail: Bradley Hyman

Brad Hyman is a South African currently living and working in China as a teacher. He’s making the most of his time abroad by experiencing the country thru running. He also shares he has the 200M fever. Destination Trails maybe you can help him with that. : )

What was your last race? My last race was the Ultimate Tsaigu Trail

How far was it? Was it a new distance? It was 110km (with 7000m vert). NO, I’ve done a number of 100km, 100 milers and a 400km.

How long have you been running consistently? I’ve been running for 4 years now.

What made you sign up for this race? Terrain, location, recommendation? I’m currently working in China, and the last “major” race I did was in October 2018 (Ultra Trail Ninghai). In the beginning I found it difficult to find races, so when I came across this race I was in. I did’t know much about the race other than what I had seen on their website, but this race had it all (and not to mention the organization was insane). Running races is also a great way to see the country, as I often have to travel quite a bit to get to the locations, and spending a few hours on a train gives you plenty of opportunity to see the changing landscapes and places I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.


What did you eat the most of at the aid stations? I mostly just grabbed banana’s and nuts, but I did have noodles and soup at one of the CP’s. The Aid Stations were really well kitted out and they have so many people willing to help. Usually back home there are only a few people at an Aid Station so it’s really cool to see how the community pull together and assist the runners.

High moment? Like I said, the organization of the race is just insane. It felt like I was at some music concert or something. They really know how to put on a show. And the scenery is incredible. Although it was overcast or misty for most of the race, there were a few glimpses of mountains and the landscape. We even got to run on the Great Wall!

Low moment? Im not sure if the mud was a low moment, but it definitely made things interesting and challenging. I think not running a very runable sections because of the mud got to me and I started getting frustrated and ended up walking a very large section just because.

Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? I don’t listen music while I’m running but I’m somewhere between The Strumbellas, Lewis Del Mar, The Lumineers and some Electronic.

Would you do it again? Yes, hopefully with better conditions and more views of the mountains.

What race is next? I’ve just signed up for the Lianyungang Mountain Sea 100

What shoes did you wear? I run in Salomon and used the Ultra Pro in this race

What race vest did you use? I used the new Salomon ADV Skin 12 set.

Favourite local running store/brand/community? Back in South Africa I get a lot of support from @salomonsa. Other brands I support are @tailwindnutritionsa @versussocks and @suuntosa.

Dream running destination? Race or holiday. I’ve got the 200 fever. I’d really love to go run Tahoe200 and if things allow, the Triple Crown of 200s. Being a teacher makes this dream a bit more challenging, but I’m working on it.

Follow Brad’s running on instagram @bradhyman. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your Tsaigu adventure with us!.


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