Ultra Trail Mt Fuji (UTMF): Charlie Sarmiento

Ultra Trail Mt Fuji (UTMF): Charlie Sarmiento

I really loved Charlie’s final words he included, “I have 4 children and this sport have helped me to leave a legacy to them, a different mindset of life… “ Charlie Sarmiento is from Guatemala and his been in sport all his life. And like so many of us has taken a few knocks from life. He shares a bit with us here….

What was your last race? UTMF in Mt. Fuji Japan April 26 2019.

How far was the current race? Was it a new distance? 100 mile race, it was my second 100 milers. My first was Western States in 2018

How long have you been running consistently? I have been running consistently 4 years ago. I started exactly in April 2015 after being knocked down by life, anxiety and depression. But have been in sports since 5 years old, I was a in the Guatemalan National Baseball Youth Team for 8 consecutive years and then I switched to being in the U17 Soccer Guatemalan National Team. But running only 4 years since I was 33, I am 37 now.

What made you sign up for this race? Terrain, location, recommendation? I signed for this race since my goal is to do 2 races of the ultra Trail World Tour per year. I choose Japan because I love the culture.


What did you eat the most at the aid stations? I ate miso soup, oranges, bananas. And some rice too…

High moment? running with snow almost from km 130 to 140, just before the race got cancelled.

Low moment? in km 100 at aid station 5. I was so cold and some kms before I lost my 2nd headlamp, cut my finger and loose like 60 minutes asking for one and getting medical assistance to stop bleeding 

Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? I do not listen to music, I listen to my inner thoughts and connect spirituality within myself and my Dad, who passed away 23 years ago when I was 14. But my favorite song is “The Eye of the Tiger” from my favorite movie Rocky. Actually the first dog I have at age 8 a rottweiler, his name was Rocky and his father Rambo, which is my second favorite movie.

Would you do this race again? I will do this race again, because I got stopped at km 140 because of weather conditions. even though I as a finisher I wanted to get to the finish line.

What race is next? My next race is UTMB 100 miles, hope to see you there in person. Unless Guatemalan Federation certify my participation in my 2nd Trail World Championship… will know soon.

What shoes did you wear? I wear Altra Lone Peak 4

What race vest did you use? I wear a Salomon race vest, I prefer UD.

Favorite local running store/brand/community? My favorite local store in Japan was Sports Authority. In Guatemala my favorite running community is Trail Runners Guatemala. 

Dream running destination? Race or holiday. Because of my job, I am a Corporate Executive for M&A and International Expansion, I ask for holidays to run internationally. However my dream running destination is Colorado and will do love to live there in the mountain.

I have 4 children and this sport have helped me to leave a legacy to them, a different mindset of life…


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