Da Lat Ultra: James Wilkinson

Da Lat Ultra: James Wilkinson

I’m super excited to introduce a new series, I hope you will be too! Every Wednesday we will feature a runner/race experience. This week is James Wilkinson, thank you for being our first feature James! Originally from South Africa and currently living in Vietnam, here, James tells a bit about his first race in a jungle, a life long dream.


Last Race:

42K, +1891m

March 17th, 2019

Dalat Ultra Trail


Next Race:


Welcome James!

What was your last race?

Da Lat Ultra Trail Vietnam

How far was it?

It was the 42km variation of the race. There was also a 10km, 21km, and a 70km version all quite different from one another.

What made you sign up for this race?

One of my reasons for moving to the country for some time was to be able to have the opportunity to run in a tropical jungle setting which has always been something that has appealed to me. 42km was also not a distance I had run before in trail format so I wanted a challenge and I wanted to do well.


What did you eat the most of at the aid stations?

For this race, I’d packed a large race pack in order to do a single stop for the duration of the race. It worked well but because the 21km pack linked to the 42km front runners, my stop at the aid station was very chaotic. I ended up with a bladder filled with a sweet “ion supply” drink which wasn’t ideal. Bananas worked well for me though.

High moment?

Running down the mountain after the first ascent and being reminded by nature why running in the mountains is so damn awesome.

Low moment?

The last 10km became and emotional struggle because my legs were seizing up and most of my body was in pain at this stage. Music helped me through that.

Would you run this race again?

Without a shadow of a doubt.

What race is next?

Vietnam Jungle Marathon 55km


You can find James at:

Facebook: @outdoorexpat

Instagram: @outdoor_expat

and on his blog:



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