Penyagolosa Trails 108K: Tessa Chesser

Penyagolosa Trails 108K: Tessa Chesser

This week is all about Penyagolosa Trails. Penyagolosa is part of the Ultra Trail World Series and takes place in Castellon, Spain with two distances 60k and 108k. Today we hear from Tessa Chesser who completed the 108k distance with 5600m of elevation gain. This was Tessa’s first race of this distance and it looks good on her!

What was your last race? Penyagolosa 

How far was it? Was it a new distance? 108K, very new distance for me!!

How long have you been running consistently? Consistently for just over two years. I played elite soccer as a kid and through college so the athletic mindset is there but learning the new base of running has been a very cool experience.

What made you sign up for this race? Terrain, location, recommendation? Honestly my partner Cody Reed (Coconino cowboy) had mentioned it and was already signed up. This gave me the opportunity to try/test this distance in a stout international field on a brand new terrain. Essentially it was a day of many first. First time at the distance, first time running at night for that long, first time in Spain.. first for everything!

What did you eat the most of at the aid stations? I did not utilize the food at the add stations outside of pepsi! I use a nutrition supplement called Spring for the first 13.5 hrs and switched to candy for the two hours.

High moment? Was as the sun was coming up and the sky started to open up and you were completely surround by REALLY big mountain. It was such a high moment because we had just been running for 7+ hrs in the dark.

Low moment? Honestly the biggest climb. I was having trouble keeping my legs underneath me. I wanted to push, but maybe it was a lack of caffeine or calories in that moment that made for that particular rough patch.

Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? I listened to music after some time in to the race. I did not start with music.. but with such a long day.. it was nice to have. Right now, there were a few songs by Kings of Leon (pyro/Pony Up) and the Chain by Fleetwood Mac. I remember singing out load to myself on that one. Lol

Would you do it again? 100% no doubt

What race is next? I have a few in my pipeline but the next big A race is either CCC or TDS

Will you train together? Flagstaff has a beautiful community of strong women that we sometimes get together and run. As far as Cody and I, he is super fast, so we will start together but he usually then takes off.

What shoes did you wear? I wore a kit from Adidas Terrex as the are a great company. Due to the distance I wore a sturdier shoe Salomon max pro.

What race pack did you use? Camelbak

Favorite local running store/brand/community? Aravaipai is a great organization that touches races in AZ, CO and Utah. What a great community and people.

Dream running destination? Race or holiday. I love Italy. But would love to see many other places including Greece, Souh Africa and the list goes on.

Thanks so much Tessa! You can follow Tessa’s journey into ultra running @t_chessa on instagram. Image courtesy of Javier Vilar.


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