Penyagolosa Trails 60K: Tom Hudec

Penyagolosa Trails 60K: Tom Hudec

This week is all about Penyagolosa Trails. Penyagolosa is part of the Ultra Trail World Series and takes place in Castellon, Spain with two distances 60k and 108k. Today we hear from Tom Hudec who completed the 60k distance with 3300m of elevation gain refers to this race as legendary and has his sights on the World Trail Championships in Portugal!

What was your last race? It was amazing! Penyagolosa is one of these races that you want to repeat. I didn’t do very well last year so I had an extra motivation to come back. This winter I was living in the Pyrenees so I wanted to do some race in Spain.  I had some problems with my feet just a week before the race so I was really happy that doctor told me a day before that I could actually do the race.

How far was it? Was it a new distance? I run the classic distance MIM - 60km. In the first uphill of the race you can already see Penyagolosa mountain I was just thinking seriously are we going that far? But comparing to the World Championship last year was much shorter and less painful ;) 

What made you sign up for this race? Terrain, location, recommendation? I participated here last year so I knew that this race is amazing. It has probably the best organization and they really want to keep the level after the World Championships last year.  Rocky single trails, beautiful sunrise, running through the ancient villages where all the people cheering you up, yes almost made me cry in Xodos and forgot about all the pain in my legs. All these things make kind of a legend from this race in Spain. This year we run already 21st edition, that speaks itself...


What did you eat the most of at the aid stations? I carried my own gels, salt caps and half of an energy bar. At the refreshment stations just ate one banana and sometimes drunk coke. Yes, I wish I would have had more time everything looked delicious but the other runners were too fast to spend more time there.

High moment? When I turned on my head torch until the finish line.

Low moment? I felt pretty slow at the last uphill but still was enjoying the race.

Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? No, I didn’t I remember last year I listened at Mozart100 one song constantly repeating the whole race which was over 10 hours - was the new album of Ben Howard - Nica libres at dusk. It was the only time I listened a music during a race. I think it can help you a lot but at this race I got lost a little bit because of that I think.

Would you do it again? Definitely. This is a bucket list race! Maybe I would try next year the CSP.

What race is next? I should run these weekend Nafarroa Extreme in the North of Spain but my feet still hurts a little bit I will see. Then in June I am running the World Championship in Portugal.

What shoes did you wear? Inov-8 Trailroc 285 - very good option for the rocky trails of Penyagolosa

What race vest did you use? Nathan Vapor Krar

Favorite local running store/brand/community? Inov-8

Dream running destination? Race or holiday. I already run in Nepal and across South America where Patagonia was one of the most amazing places I have run. Wouldn’t mind going back to these places. Tibet or Bhutan that would be a dream trip!

Thanks so much Tomas! You can find Tomas on Facebook at I Run The Beauty and on Instagram @tom_hudec .


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