Aktivitus 61K: Aramis Sasinka

Aktivitus 61K: Aramis Sasinka

Aramis Sasinka likes a good challenge. So after he just completed 100M at Istria100M he ran, quickly ran, 61k in his hometown at the Akititus Trailrace in Gothenberg Sweden. Wonder what that felt like?

What was your last race? It was the Aktivitus Trail Race 61k here in Gothenburg where I live.


How far was the current race? Was it a new distance? It was a 61k race. A faster face for me. I just did a 170k race in Istria (Croatia) the 12th April. I like the long distances but these shorter races are challenging as well.

How long have you been running consistently? From September 2013! :)

What made you sign up for this race? Terrain, location, recommendation? I ran two 100-mile races in 2018 and the Aktivitus Trail race 161k was the second one. It was tough. So I made a decision back there to return after the 100 Miles of Istria this year and race the shorter 61k race and see that course as well.  It was a tough experience. Forcing your legs to run at faster pace after a 170k race just days before was not an easy task.... but it went well. Those last 10k were tough due to consistent rain combined with my sore legs.

The Aktivitus Trail Race is a nice local event. It started just 3 years ago so still quite new. It's made by people who love the sport and I help as much as I can. The Gothenburg area is a hilly one, no big mountains or stunning scenarios, still the 100-mile course offers pretty much everything the area has to offer. There are no issues in finding proper accommodation in April.


What did you eat the most at the aid stations? Not really. I usually take my food/gels/energy with myself or have own support due to my food preferences (vegan) and allergies (legumes).

High moment? Well, during my last race the only high moment was actually during the section where I pushed like hell and when I had to dig deep into myself in order to push forward. Yes, It's difficult to explain to "normal" people that that one might me a "high moment" in a race! :) During the 100 Miles of Istria I had on the other hand a ton of high and low moments altering all the time during the race and that is quite normal in such races. The best moment there in that race was during the snow storm and that nasty chilly wind named Bura that killed my lungs. I was breathing hard and I told myself that if I get myself to the half of the race to that aid station that I will finish the race with a PB! I made a 2h PB back there! So, for me high moments are moments where you learn something new..... where you challenge your body and mind to move forward despite all, despite the rain and the technical section in that last tricky part of the Aktivitus Trail Race for example.....

Low moment? Tons of low moments! They come unexpected, they are not surprising me anymore, I know that they will come and I'm learning the art of dealing with those moments. I accept them and learn from those moments. It's a situation where you get the opportunity to learn something more about your body and mind. If you are not injured, sick or have issues with your body that need medical attention than it's just another moment where you need to embrace the situation, the pain, the lack of motivation and keep moving forward, the end of the tunnel is there.... in front of you! After every uphill there is a downhill! ;)


Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? No, I'm not. I did in the past but I stopped doing that since I met a wild animal in the nature in front of me...... Nature provide a ton of sounds, it's a meditation, it's the sound that we need.... I feel nice, like reborn after a run in nature and listening to the sounds of nature!

Would you do this race again? Yes! I probably will. Maybe not after a 100 Mile race like this year or the last year! If I want to race a race properly than I need to prepare properly as well. So, I guess that I will run just the 100 Miles of Istria in 2020 in April and the Aktivitus Trail Race 161k in 2021! :)

What race is next? It's the BUS - Backyard Ultra Sydkusten here in the extreme south in Sweden. The backyard ultra is a form of ultramarathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in less than one hour. This will be the first of these races for me. A new race concept. I'm really curious on how my body and mind will react! It's an experiment. I know that I can and will run long.... we'll see how long! :)


What shoes did you wear? I had the HOKA Speedgoat 2 (I need to buy a new pair of those and go up at least a half size! My toes suffered a lot in these!).


What race vest did you use? The Salomon ADV Skin 12 set. - Amazing pack! Really.... I had all the necessary gear with me and I never had issues with the vest! Great product! Much better than my last one from 2014!


Favorite local running store/brand/community? I usually buy from the internet on Sportsshoes, Wiggle etc. I love running in Hoka, Inov8 and Altra shoes and Dynafit and Inov8 clothes. I created a group on Facebook for all the Ultra-people of the area called "Ultra Running Community Gothenburg". It has almost 500 members today and we are like a family! During the last race - the Aktivitus Trail Race and other events around Gothenburg we meet, chat, race and train together. It's a great community! :)

Dream running destination? Race or holiday. The Madeira Island Ultra Trail - MIUT and the Tarawera Ultramarathon are two destinations I would really like to visit with my family and race those two UTWT (Ultra Trail World Tour) events! 

Thanks so much for sharing your hometown race with us Aramis. Follow Aramis’ full schedule on instagram @aramis.sasinka and website, www.sasinka.se.

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