Aktivitus 61K: Branislav Pavic

Aktivitus 61K: Branislav Pavic

Brane Pavic is another speedster heading to World Trail Champs. He used the runnable 61K course of Aktivitus to get some training in with good company and an expanding international field.

What was your last race? My last race was “Aktivitus Trail Race” with start and finish in Jonsered, near Gothenburg, Sweden. There were two courses:  61k and 100 Miles .

How far was the current race? Was it a new distance? My race was the shorter one, only 61k :). I’ve run the same race and distance last year too. The distance wasn't new to me. I have run longer distances before like the Lavaredo Ultra trail 120k as well as the UTMB 170k.

How long have you been running consistently? I started running in 2005 but not regularly. A consistent training started later in 2012. I must say that since then  I’ve been keeping up my training runs very well. From 2012 on I started with Ultramarathons and it became definitely my passion from the beginning on. Now I’m trying to do my training runs every day and my training units are structured and well planned.


What made you sign up for this race? Terrain, location, recommendation? If I can remember correctly, last year I chose this race as a  training race, same as this year. It’s also near where I live, so I think it’s a good way to have fun with friends while racing than to train alone. I know many runners who run that race, so I’ve heard their stories about the race what made me curious to sign up for it.


What did you eat the most at the aid stations? I didn’t eat anything, only carbohydrate drinks from Umara and some salt capsules.


High moment? When I started to run with my pacer from the last aid station “Skatås” about 17k before the finish line.


Low moment? When my watch completely died and I wasn’t able to follow the gps-navigation anymore. That was a bummer  because due to obvious race vandalism whole sections lacked markings and at one point the markings crossed the markings for the 100 mile course and misguided me and I ran into the wrong directions before I realized it and I lost about 20 min in total time.


Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? Yes, I love to listen to music, especially when I’m racing. My song of the moment is “Conquest Of Paradise”. That song remind me to start of the UTMB race, which is my favourite race.


Would you do this race again? O yes, this race is starting to be like a tradition :) I’s also cool that race is getting more popular even outside of Sweden and many foreign runners started to coming from different countries. What makes it an international event.

What race is next? Next race it would be TWC2019 (Trail World Championship 2019). Trilhos dos Abutres 44k 2200+- in Coimbra, Portugal.

What shoes did you wear? Hoka speedgoat 3.

What race vest did you use? Dynafit Vertical 4l and Naked running band.

Favorite local running store/brand/community? https://smsport.se/ for clothes and https://umara.se/ for nutrition. Inov 8 and Merell are my favorite shoes. Favorite clothes Compressport.

Dream running destination? Race or holiday. I have two races i would love to do one is the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California USA, (Western States 100)  and the other definitely the  Madeira Island Ultra-Trail in Portugal.

Thanks so much for sharing Brane! All the best for World Trail Champs! Follow Brane on instagram @pavicultra.

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