La Bouillonnante: Alexandre Boucheix

La Bouillonnante: Alexandre Boucheix

Alexandre Boucheix went to La Bouillonnante as a training run and right when he was about to make his move up the field 10km from the finish, wrong turn!

What was your last race? So for my last race, This is The Bubbling in Belgium. A course of 74 Km / 3900 m D +. (Actually, after a referral mistake I made 94 km and 4700 m D +  ).

Previously in 2019, I took the start of the Transgrancanaria (128 Km - 7500 meters +) - From the Ecotrail Paris (80 km) and a personal challenge: The 25 h 25 Bosses (129 Km - 7600 m D +) .

How far was the actual race? Was it a new distance? It was not a question of a new race. It existed for several years and became "Belgian classic" in the world of Trail. Organized by Etienne Van Gasse and relatives. This event is part of the Golden Trail Series.

How long do you run regularly? It's been a little over 4 years that I run. But I run really regularly and more seriously for 2 years. From 5 - 6 months, now I run almost every day (20 to 30 km).

What is it that prompted you to sign up for this race? Land, Location, recommendation? Actually, this is my sponsor Salomon / Suunto event partner who asked me to participate. This perfectly returned to my agenda. So I went with no particular goal. For the pleasure of driving and to explore the region, and the organizers of this race.


What did you have the most in-aid stations? Ahaha. Personally the aid stations I am quite elementary in my diet. Since I am gels during the race, the aid stations I search rather salty elements. So I attacked cheese such a big mouse to recharge salt. I runs on water. Nothing more.

High moment? I think there were two highlights.

(1) The start of night (4:30) in the Chateau de Bouillon in very wet weather. I left at 18 Km / h on the first Km. (I do not recommend it at all. It's not necessarily the smartest thing to do on a 74 Km.

(2) A special feature of the race is to cross the river twice runners. You end to cross a large river (50 m wide) whose water is not hot (Not to mention cold), with a little power and you have water up to the navel. It's a little adventure. It's very cool.

Down time? While I was sixth at 10 km from the finish. I was speeding up to get the 5th and 4th .. volunteer race me badly routed and sent me on another journey. I found myself in the end to 20 Km more  Nervously, it did not take explode. We had to say "It's not serious. These errors are part of the race. And it will allow you to train yourself a little more  ".

Do you listen to music? If so, what is your song of the moment? In official race never. By cons, training I broke out me. This is a concert at each output. I do not have a particular song. I let my iPhone is random so I have everything: Rock - Pop - Rap - Classic - Techno ... Right now, I like to listen to Johnny Hallyday Live (Envy).

Would you repeat this race? After the mistake of course, necessarily that I want to repeat this race. The problem is simply what I think to be in Japan for the Ultra Trail Mount Fuji at this time of the year in 2020.

What race is the next? Then my program for the coming months:

(May) Ultra Maxi Race 2019 115 km / 7500 D +

(June) Trail du Mont D'Or 2019 49.4 km / 2551 D +

(July) Restonica / Ultra Trail Di Corsica 110 km / 8,000 D +

(August) UTMB 2019 170 km / 10,000 D +

(September) 2019 Imperial Trail 57 km / 1556m D +

(October) Grand Raid Reunion - Diagonal crazy 2019-167 km / 9900m D +

(December) 2019 Lyon SaintéLyon 153 km / 4350 m D +

What shoes did you wear? I left Salomon S \ Lab Sense 6 SG. I needed dynamism, good grip on muddy ground, and a shoe can quickly dry to cross rivers.

What race vest did you use? On this kind of rather short, and with little required equipment I use a Solomon S \ Lab 5L.

Your store / brand / favorite local running community? Store level, I provided Chez Outdoor Team. For the brand, inevitably Solomon. Community level I do not have. I do not like more than that to run in groups. I prefer to train alone.

Running dream destination? Race or holidays. I hesitate frankly between Reunion and Nepal.

Thanks so much Alexander! You can follow his big big schedule and fun loving spirit on instagram @casquetteverte.

Canyons 100K:  Damian Hall

Canyons 100K: Damian Hall

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