Indomit São Bento: Ligia Almeida

Indomit São Bento: Ligia Almeida

Every Wednesday we will feature a runner/race experience, a race report. This week is Ligia Almeida from Brazil. Ligia is getting ready to race at the World Trail Championships coming up in June. Here she used the 50k course of the Indomit São Bento to build her next training block.

What was your last race? My last race was Indomit São Bento do Sapucaí - Pedra do Baú.

How far was it? Was it a new distance? I ran 50km, but there were also distances of 35km, 21km, and 12km. The 50km race was the last Brazilian selective for four spots - Two women and two men - at the Trail World Championship in Portugal.

What made you sign up for this race? Although I already had won my spot at the Trail World Championship in the beginning of this year in other selective, the reason to be in this start line is because I wanted to put myself in the best national competitive environment to evaluate my performance for this year's Trail World Championship. Another motivation to be in this race again is due the region of São Bento do Sapucaí to be a beautiful and challenging place. In the photo the "Baú" Stone in the back is one of the city attractions, only the runners of the 50km race had the opportunity to run over the "Bauzinho" Stone (photo above) that is next to the big "Baú" Stone and ran around the base of "Baú" Stone (photo below).

Ligia_Pedra do Bau1_blog2.jpg

What did you eat the most at the aid stations? At the aid stations I drunk ice water and coca-cola. Both drinks refreshed and renewed me to keep following in the battle.

High moment? In the middle of the race at km 25 when I was over the "Bauzinho"Stone. I felt that I was very well to push my self to finish strong.  

Low moment? Of a forced sneakers change at the last moment before the race, I couldn't perform well on the technical descents. 

Do you listen to music? If yes, what's your song of the moment? I love music, my song of the moment is Across the Moutains, UTMB's soundtrack. This race is my life long dream. I am also training to complete the 100-Mile course. It’s in the end of August of this year.


Would you do it again? Of course, I love it all, It's usually more fun than hard. Since I am well trained. 

What race is next? Soon I'll race the Trail World Championship 2019 - Trilho dos Abutres in Coimbra, Portugal - 44km.

You can follow Ligia’s journey to the World Trail Championships on instagram @likaliameida and on facebook

P.S. The World Trail Championships are taking place June Saturday, 8th of June in Miranda do Corvo (Coimbra, Portugal). They’ll be hosted by the race Trilhos dos Abutres


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