D99: Adam McBean

D99: Adam McBean


Last Race:

33M & 99M

March 15th, 2019

Deeside Way Ultra


Next Race:

100 Miles, 4,267m

June 22, 2019

West Highland Way Race


Every Wednesday we will feature a runner/race experience, a race report. This week is Adam McBean. Adam has been a super supporter of URHQ from the get-go, he’s such a star. Training and completing his first ultra in 2018 we are excited for him to share is experience running his first point-to-point 100 miler at the D99 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

How far was it? Was it a new distance? 100 Miles. I did a 24 hour race last year where I covered 100 miles but I've never done a 100 mile point to point race before. 

What made you sign up for the race? I like to have a race to work towards for training purposes. Plus it was a was off event so there was no question in booking it. I've never ran the Deeside Way so it was a good excuse to explore the Aberdeenshire countryside. 

What did you eat the most at the aid stations?  I don't normally drink coffee so I had some at 3 of the aid stations and it gave me a good boost. I had pizza and cake too with lots of gels and shot bloks. 


High Moment ? Between miles 55-67. My pal Martin and I were flying and in good spirits. We overtook a runner and we were feeling great.

Low Moment ? Miles 90-98. I felt horrible and my bollocks were chafing pretty bad. My toes were sore and I couldn't run. My head was spinning and the miles took ages to pass. My pal Martin was walking ahead of me and I was falling behind. 

Would you do it again? Of course I would. Like any ultra runner, it's always horrible and painful at the time, but we love the pain and we always look forward to the next ultra. 

What race is next? West Highland Way Race in June. 95 miles and 15000 ft of elevation gain..

P.S. Are there other questions you’d like to see answered? Let me know in the comments.



You can find Adam at:

Instagram: @highland.runner and on his blog: www.highlandrunnerblog.com


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