What’s URHQ all about?

UltraRunnerHQ was born out of the love and benefit of connecting with other runners and “big idea” running adventures. To travel to races or coordinate training weekends. Finding new adventures and challenges recommended by other runners.

The idea……

to create a dedicated space of ultrarunning content focused on races & exploring new places. a place to learn from others and support the global community thru sharing experiences, failures, and achievements.

A little history….

In 2017 we launched an app for the iPhone that connected with Strava and allowed you to add race details and share your experience. I was working a full time finance job at the time and didn’t have the bandwidth to continue developing the app.

Then in early 2019 I made the decision to leave a job that no longer supported my health or way of living and focus a 100% on URHQ. I made the decision to step back from the app side while I got my feet under me. Because, well, $$$.

I’ll continue to grow the website posting race reports and running/fast packing content with the goal of pushing everything to a mobile application. You can see the concept here.

Reach out with any comments or suggestions! sabrina@urhqapp.com