Diagonal de Foux, Grand Raid Reunion, 2017

Diagonal de Foux, Grand Raid Reunion, 2017

Here I am!

My name is Sabrina, although most shorten it to Sabs. UltraRunning came into my life in late 2015. I was traveling solo and looking for a unique way to experience Cappadocia, so I signed up for a 65km trail race. To be honest, at the end of the race, I wasn’t madly in love and didn’t have any ambitions to sign up for another trail race.

Then life took me to Cape Town and dropped me neatly into a community of passionate and welcoming ultrarunners. Two years later, almost to the day, I completed my first 100M. I continue to prefer my time in the mountains over any other, spending quality hours with amazing friends, seeing new places, and experiencing different cultures.

But Why?

The best way to describe my natural disposition is a problem solver and a gatherer. I love bringing people together and I love creating solutions. And so, URHQ & RunStory were born.

With URHQ I want a place where I can:

a) discover new races

b) research potential races by reading race reports

c) find runners I meet along the race course

With RunStory I want a place where:

a) there is consistency in finding race details (date, location, distance, cost, etc.)

b) I can connect with runners signed up for the same race

c) A “one stop” for news & updates for races I’ve entered